First Novel In Series By Mark Redfield And Stuart Voytilla On Sale Now!

Cult Of The NosferatuTThe first novel in the Vampire Hunters Incorporated series, CULT OF THE NOSFERATU, by Mark Redfield and Stuart Voytilla, debuts today and his on sale as an e-book at Amazon! 

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Exciting horror/adventure pulp fiction awaits you!

The story...
Christmas in Manhattan. 

Tammy Greevly, a police cadet from Denver, travels to New York to find her brother Walter and bring him home. Fearing that he is the victim of a religious cult, Greevly uses her budding detective skills to track her younger sibling down. Bertram Welles, who has been tracking a series of murders reported in the news and through his police contacts, and believing that they are connected to each other, soon crosses paths with Tammy Greevly. Welles is on his own, as he has given his agents off for the holidays, and so he must take Greevly into his world of secrets as together they investigate and infiltrate a CULT OF THE NOSFERATU. 

The second novel in the series, RESURRECTION AND REVENGE, will debut in the
summer of 2016.

Buy CULT OF THE NOSFERATU on Amazon for only $4.99 on November 27th! Get your copy, readable on any of your favorite devices, HERE ! 

Mark Redfield is an American actor, writer, artist and filmmaker. He is the publisher and editor of Poe Forevermore Magazine, and he is the producer of Poe Forevermore Radio Theater, creating and starring in audio plays and audio books based on classic and original works of mystery and imagination. Redfield is in production with an epic audio play biography of Edgar Allan Poe, called ALONE: THE LIFE OF POE. The biography, with full cast of actors and guest stars, music and sound effects, will be available in 2016 both as a deluxe CD set and on iTunes. He lives in Baltimore.
Stuart Voytilla is a writer, script consultant, and teacher of acting and screenwriting. Voytilla's collaboration with Mark Redfield goes back many years, and includes the play adaptation of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", that their screenplay and 2002 film was based on. He is writing and developing scripts for the AudioPlay series "Vampire Hunters Incorporated" with Redfield. Voytilla also lectures about myth and genre, and teaches screenwriting at San Diego State University. He is the author of two critically acclaimed books on story structure and genre, "Myth and the Movies" and (with Scott Petri) "Writing the Comedy Film". He lives in San Diego.

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