Vampire Hunters, Incorporated Submission Guidelines

General Information

Vampire Hunters Quarterly is a print magazine concentrating on original vampire, horror, and science fiction short stories of 1000-7500 words. (We will consider longer pieces of merit).

All kinds of genre stories are considered, and DO NOT have to include Vampires as characters or themes.

We also accept and will consider for publication academic, entertaining FACTUAL, well-researched articles. Articles of this type should be 5000 words or under. (We will consider longer pieces of merit). We also will consider poetry; please note that the submission rules apply to all.

Vampire Hunters Quarterly is published 4 times per year. Pays upon publication.

DO NOT SUBMIT VIA EMAIL ELECTRONICALLY. All email submissions will be discarded. Please send a printed copy of your submission, with cover letter including all contact information (Name, telephone/cell phone numbers and email) to:

Vampire Hunters Quarterly
P.O. Box 19428
Baltimore, Maryland 21206 USA

Submissions will NOT be returned. If you wish to know that your submission was received, please include USPS tracking, etc. DO NOT EMAIL to confirm delivery or acceptance as we receive too many submissions to reply.

ARTIST/ILLUSTRATOR SUBMISSIONS: mail samples of your work to the above address. Same rules apply for artists as for writers. DO NOT MAIL ARTWORK THAT YOU WISH RETURNED. COPIES ONLY. DO NOT EMAIL SUBMISSIONS!

Thank you! We are looking forward to reading and considering your work!

-Mark Redfield
Publisher and Editor, Vampire Hunters Quarterly


Mailing address: P.O. Box 19428, Baltimore, MD 21206