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Mark Redfield and John Astin


Producing a new Audio Play per month involves hours of work writing the scripts, organizing, rehearsing and recording the actors, and many more hours working with the audio editing engineer, sound effects wizards and music maestros, to create great drama and comedy.


Radio drama is a lost art in the United States, and mainstream radio has long forsaken the art form. We are creating new original works, like the series "Vampire Hunters Incorporated", and new adaptations of classic stories like "The Black Cat" starring Caroline Munro and "The Cask of Amontillado" with John Astin. We're producing exciting audio biographies of storytellers such as Bram Stoker, Rod Serling and L. Frank Baum, and a fully dramatized audio biography of Edgar Allan Poe called "Alone: The Life of Poe". Our patrons will receive our audio plays within a few days of them being produced, mixed and mastered.

If you enjoy a good story well-told, if you love Old Time Radio and the "theater of the mind", listening to great storytelling that will transport you to different worlds and different people, please be our Patron!

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Mark Redfield

Mark Redfield