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Mark Redfield

Mark RedfieldBIOGRAPHY

Mark Redfield is the co-creator of the Vampire Hunters Incorporated series with Stuart Voytilla. Redfield is an actor, author, artist and filmmaker. His films include “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (co-written with Stuart Voytilla), “The Death of Poe”, and “Cold Harbor”. Redfield is a painter and cartoonist, and his work is collected by people around the world. He produces Audio Drama, Audio Books, Music and Podcasts with Redfield Arts Audio. Audio Drama includes “Sinbad and the Pirate Princess” starring Caroline Munro and Martine Beswicke, and Audio Books include “Nevermore, An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe” starring Jeffrey Combs. Mark Redfield lives in Baltimore.



Stuart Voytilla

Stuart VoytillaStuart Voytilla is the co-creator of the Vampire Hunters Incorporated series with Mark Redfield. Voytilla is a writer, script consultant, and teacher of acting and screenwriting. Films include “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” (2002) co-written with
Mark Redfield. Scripts for Redfield Arts Audio includes “The Curse of Black Aggie”. Voytilla also lectures about myth and genre, and teaches screenwriting at San Diego State University. He has authored two critically acclaimed books on
story structure and genre, “Myth and the Movies” and “Writing the Comedy Film” (with Scott Petri). Stuart Voytilla lives in San Diego.





Jennifer Rouse


Jennifer RouseJennifer Rouse is a graphic artist, web designer and actress. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Towson University. She studied acting at Stella Adler's School Of Acting, and music performance, voice, and music theory at BCCC and The Peabody Institute.

Design credits include website, poster and DVD art for Redfield Arts, One-Eyed Horse Productions, and Lee Doll Film Productions. She also designs trade show displays and graphics for Selex Galileo and Burning Castle, Inc.

Jennifer's acting credits include the role of Helen Gatewood in the western drama Come Hell Or High Water, Mrs. Moran in The Death Of Poe, the role of Ice Cream Girl in the Redfield Arts / Planet X production Chainsaw Sally. Rouse has also appeared in Kevin MacDonald's State Of Play, Ridley Scott's Body of Lies, Touchstone Picture's Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets, and the John Waters film A Dirty Shame. Television credits include Whiting's Secretary on season 5 of HBO's The Wire.

Jennifer's film production work includes being the associate producer for Chainsaw Sally and The Death Of Poe. She did the music score for the film The Death Of Poe and the sound editing and music for Palatine Hill Productions' The Drum Major. Jennifer also produced an animation for the IRCM Radar Sysyem for Northrop Grumman.




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