A new series of novels, graphic novels, audio drama, film and television
is created by mark redfield and Stuart Voytilla. The first novel in the series, CULT
OF THE NOSFERATU, featuring vampire hunter Bertram Welles, is available on hadback and Kindle.  We hope you like
your vampires vicious and deadly, because that's how we plan to serve them
up to our hero Bertram Welles!


It's two very different series of horror/adventure stories, presented in novel and audio-drama formats of two very distinct sets of heroes and heroines, separated
only by time...


Meet Bertram Welles, vampire hunter.

Set in contemporary New York City, these novels and audio dramas follow the
adventures of Bertram Welles, a private detective who is also the New York
operative of the world-wide organization called "Van Helsing International". Welles leads a team of agents who work tirelessly in
Manhattan and the surrounding burroughs, hunting the undead who prey upon the living.

The first novel in the series iis CULT OF THE NOSFERATU.


Cult Of The Nosferatu

Christmas in Manhattan.

Tammy Greevly, a police cadet from Denver, travels to New York to find her
brother and bring him home. Fearing that he is the victim of a religious
cult, Greevly uses her budding detective skills to track her younger sibling
down. Bertram Welles, who has been tracking a series of murders reported in the news and through his police contacts, and believing that they are connected to each other, soon crosses paths with Tammy Greevly. Welles is on his own, as he has given his agents off for the
holidays, and so he must take Greevly into his world of secrets as together
they investigate and infiltrate a CULT OF THE NOSFERATU.



Ressurection And Revenge Manhattan After Midnight

Manhatten After Midnight



Harker and the Shadow of Dracula

London, 1905. 

Eight years after the events as dramatized in Bram Stoker's novel DRACULA, the King Vampire Dracula is dead, and Jonathan and Mina Harker, married soon after, are respectively a successful lawyer and a successful school teacher. The Harker's also have an eight year-old son called Quincy, named after their fallen comrade Quincy Morris of Texas, who died trying to kill Count Dracula. 

At night, the Harker's continue to pursue another vocation. One that is now partly an obsession after their life-changing experiences chasing and killing the Lord of the Undead...they are vampire hunters. 

In HARKER AND THE SHADOW OF DRACULA, the Harker's balance daily life in the early 20th century with their busy schedules, each balancing a very full day with their dual professions. As the eighth-year anniversary of the vanquishing of Count Dracula approaches, young Quincy Harker, their only child, falls victim to a horrible malady that doctors cannot find an answer or cure for. 

Convinced that their son is bewitched or even possessed by a gypsy sorceress in retribution for killing Dracula, Jonathan and Mina must return to Castle Dracula in Transylvania, battling the forces of darkness sworn to protect and uphold the legacy of Count Dracula, and try and save their innocent son.